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Job Postings for Enchantment Film Studios 

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Executive Assistant

Job Summary:


As a Film Executive Assistant, you will provide comprehensive administrative support to senior executives within the film industry. Your role involves managing schedules, coordinating meetings, handling communications, and overseeing various administrative tasks to ensure the smooth operation of the executive's office. This position requires excellent organizational skills, discretion, and the ability to handle sensitive information with confidentiality.


  1. Calendar Management: Maintain and organize the executive's calendar, including scheduling meetings, appointments, and conference calls.

  2. Communication: Manage incoming and outgoing communications, including phone calls, emails, and correspondence. Screen and prioritize messages as necessary.

  3. Travel Coordination: Arrange travel itineraries, accommodations, and transportation for the executive and accompanying personnel. Handle visa applications and travel logistics.

  4. Meeting Coordination: Coordinate and prepare materials for meetings, including agendas, presentations, and reports. Attend meetings as necessary, take minutes, and follow up on action items.

  5. Administrative Support: Provide general administrative support, such as filing, photocopying, and faxing documents. Maintain office supplies and equipment.

  6. Database Management: Maintain databases and contact lists, ensuring accuracy and confidentiality of information.

  7. Project Assistance: Assist with special projects as assigned, including research, data analysis, and presentation preparation.

  8. Client and Stakeholder Liaison: Act as a liaison between the executive and clients, stakeholders, and industry contacts. Build and maintain professional relationships on behalf of the executive.

  9. Confidentiality: Handle confidential information with discretion and professionalism, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations and company policies.

  10. Problem Solving: Proactively identify and resolve administrative issues and challenges to support the efficient operation of the executive's office.


  1. Bachelor's degree in Film Studies, Business Administration, Communications, or related field preferred.

  2. Proven experience as an executive assistant or administrative assistant, preferably in the film or entertainment industry.

  3. Excellent organizational and time management skills, with the ability to multitask and prioritize tasks effectively.

  4. Strong communication skills, both verbal and written, with the ability to interact professionally with internal and external stakeholders.

  5. Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) and other relevant software applications.

  6. Discretion and confidentiality when handling sensitive information and documents.

  7. Flexibility to adapt to changing priorities and work in a fast-paced environment.

  8. Knowledge of the film industry, including key players, terminology, and current trends, is a plus.

  9. Attention to detail and accuracy in all tasks, from scheduling meetings to preparing documents.

  10. Ability to work independently with minimal supervision while also functioning effectively as part of a team.

Production Assistant (PA):

Production Assistants provide general support to the production team on film sets. Responsibilities may include assisting with set-up and breakdown of equipment, running errands, managing paperwork, and ensuring the smooth operation of production activities.


Runners, also known as Office Production Assistants, provide administrative support in the studio office. They handle tasks such as answering phones, distributing mail, organizing files, and assisting with office logistics.


 Our film studios offer internship programs for students or recent graduates interested in gaining hands-on experience in various aspects of film production, marketing, distribution, or studio operations. Interns may work in departments such as production, development, marketing, or post-production.

  • Art Department Assistant:     Art Department Assistants support the art department in various capacities, including assisting with set design, construction, and decoration. They may also help with sourcing props, organizing storage facilities, and maintaining inventory.

  • Post-Production Assistant: Post-Production Assistants provide support to the post-production team by assisting with editing, sound mixing, visual effects, and other post-production tasks. They may also help with media management, file organization, and quality control.

  • Marketing and Publicity Assistant: Marketing and Publicity Assistants support the marketing and publicity departments in promoting film releases. Responsibilities may include drafting press releases, managing social media accounts, coordinating promotional events, and conducting market research.

  • Finance or Accounting Assistant: Finance or Accounting Assistants provide support to the finance department by assisting with budgeting, expense tracking, invoicing, and financial reporting for film projects.

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