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There are No Administration Fees!

Founded by former model Leesa Robinson in 1999, The Company blossomed from its origins into a reputable and sophisticated model agency, offering aspiring talents a chance to shine and succeed in the competitive world of fashion.

Over the years, The Company's vision expanded globally, assembling a team of skilled scouts, photographers, makeup artists, and stylists who possess remarkable track records in cultivating and launching models' careers. By 2019, the Leesa Robinson Agency had firmly established its footprint across 45 states, cementing its position as a premier player in the modeling industry.

In a bold move in 2014, The Company diversified its portfolio with the inception of Leesa Robinson Entertainment Group, a dynamic conglomerate encompassing a talent agency, production studio, record label, skincare line, image consultancy, and film advisory service.

Our dedicated team boasts extensive expertise in guiding the trajectories of numerous models, writers, producers, and beyond. With an acute awareness of the nuances involved in modeling contracts, international travel logistics, accommodations, work visas, and tax obligations, we ensure our clients are equipped to navigate the complexities of the industry with finesse and assurance.

The Agencies Responsibility is to Market Talent, which takes much time and effort on the Agencies part.

It is up to YOU to be Dedicated and Invest Time and Money in Yourself.

We Submit To:
> Trade Shows.     > Conventions.     > Product Sampling.     > Bar and Nightclub.
> Promos Events, Fashion Weeks and Exhibitions.     > Sporting Events.
> Movies and Modeling Events.     > Film Industry.

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