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World Music Independent Film Festival

PR-ID: 12803384

WASHINGTON - Dec. 21, 2019 - PRLog 

In 2009, June Daguiso, a resident of Virginia, began building what would become the World Music & Independent Film Festival (WMIFF).

"My mission and objective were to create a platform not only for the DC, Maryland, and Virginia indie filmmakers, but also to provide a platform of achievements for international cinema artists."

Since its early beginnings in 2010, WMIFF has continued promoting filmmakers and musicians to a global audience.

We are dedicated to building a global film community and supporting emerging filmmakers.

WMIFF has continued to strive and improve on its mission to promote and provide opportunities for artists of all genres to hone their skills and gain access to opportunities via our events, promotions, and networking opportunities.

MJD Productions' 11th World Music & Independent Film Festival Movie Screening Schedule: Tuesday & Thursday, January 21 -23 Gala January, 25th 2020

WMIFF / ATTN: June Daguiso / 17294 Fairbourne Drive Jeffersonton, VA 22724  


For all sponsorship inquiries, please contact email:

We welcome and honor you to become a part of our 11th annual event.  

We assure you that your support will be rewarding as you partake of the Washington DC Community, and The Greater World of Fine Arts.


The festival not only offers an exciting music and film event but brings creativity and eclectic talent.

WMIFF works closely with its sponsors to craft a benefits package that satisfies each company's specific desires.  

Through a combination of special events, media and online marketing, the festival reaches broad audiences across many countries.

Please visit our website for information and purchase tickets.

Contact June Deguiso/Founder:

MJD PRODUCTIONS Announces New Series!

MJD Productions, producer June Daguiso and Executive Producer, Leesa Robinson announce Serial Madness

PR-ID: 12785719

WASHINGTON - Aug. 23, 2019 - PRLog  

Leesa Robinson Entertainment Group and MJD Productions announce new series, Serial Madness.

Serial Madness is the brainchild of June Daguiso owner of The World Music Independent  Film Festival.

Serial madness - Episode 1 - Meet Barbara.

Just a sweet old lady, harmless, wanting to enjoy her golden years.  

Harmless...or is she?

Serial Madness - Episode 2 - Introducing for your serial Madness pleasure...attractive Young lady named Rosemary.  She meets up one day with a strange man named Johnny.

And from that point, things take a very weird turn.

No one's life is ever the same again. We are left to question who or what is real and not anything really?

Serial Madness - Episode 3 - The exciting world of gambling, women, booze, lots of money.  

Eduardo thought his ticket to the High Life was playing really dirty...but be warned, The House Always Wins...! Are you ready to gamble your life?

Serial Madness - Episode 4 - Two Worlds.

The world of the Flesh and the world of the Mind.  Alysa is grappling with herself somewhere in the middle.  Well-meaning doctors with pills and husbands cannot save her from herself. Was family gone tragically..or are they? She is alone...or is She?

Serial Madness - Episode 5 - This episode of Serial Madness certainly delivers with more thrills chills and even delves into reincarnation! And vampires certainly know about that.  

They just won't die! Just ask a young lady named Rose, who is on her very first cruise...or is it?

Serial Madness - Episode 6 - Guest Stars: June Daguiso.

Owner of The World Music Independent Film Festival Leesa Robinson, Star of the hit TV show, Powerful Women, The Boss Divas.

Vicki Anderson Short, manager of Leesa Robinson Agency in the DC. area.
Filming in September 2019.


Please stay updated on http// or

We will announce social media release, soon!

Serial Madness with mental diversity from Mental, psychic to witness protection!

Leesa Robinson Agency Incorported to Franchise

PR-ID: 12712442

LOS ANGELES - June 7, 2018 - PRLog 

Entertainment Mogul Leesa Robinson announced today, a franchise availability of Leesa Robinson Agency Inc.

The Franchise will include modeling, acting and charm school.

Ms. Robinson said today in a morning meeting that her Brand, Leesa Robinson Entertainment Group, which includes the Agency, Indie Lion Records, Leesa Robinson Productions, Enchantment US Pageant, and Enchanted Film Studios, "The Company will start with 17 locations within the United States and 2 in Italy."

Each Franchise is expected to earn  $65000.00 annually.

Ms. Robinson's goal is to operate in all 50 states by mid-2020.

The Franchise is expected to sell at 25000.00 the first year with an annual fee thereafter.

Each location will have an Art Deco, old Hollywood decor.

Leesa said, " This is something I have wanted for a long time and to see the fruition of the Franchise is very inspiring."


Leesa Robinson Agency is now located in 35 States, 1 in Canada and will be in Italy with 2 locations by 2019.

Please go to
To inquire about this wonderful opportunity, you may also call our

toll-free number 888-819-0573

PR-ID: 12655253

BILOXI, Miss. - July 29, 2017 - PRLog 

Entertainment Mogul, Leesa Robinson owner of several entertainment companies may decide to go public with Leesa Robinson Agency Incorporated.

Leesa said today, The long term benefits of being publicly traded are numerous and can include: improved liquidity, higher company valuation, the ability to make acquisitions, attract and retain employees with the company's stock and greater access to capital at a lower cost. In addition, being a publicly-traded enterprise allows a company to make acquisitions with its stock since public company stock can be viewed as currency for mergers and acquisitions. Moreover, public trading status often leads to a higher price at a later offering of a company's securities.  Leesa feels that her company already valued at 7.25 million can only increase in value, and with acquisitions as an incentive and will allow the sale of stock shares to raise funds for new projects and locations in all fifty states. Anyone interested in purchasing shares, please contact LRA toll-free at 888-819-0573 or visit us at

James Brown & Tony Wilson

Leesa Robinson announces new Record Label

PR-ID: 12583483

NEW ORLEANS - Aug. 31, 2016 - PRLog 

 Entertainment Mogul Leesa Robinson announced Wednesday, August 24, 2016, the company launch of a new record label.

Indie Lion Records will offer a variety of artists and genres.


Indie Lion will sign artists of exceptional talent, trademark, copyright, license, market and distribute their work.

The website will offer a venue on their website for listeners to purchase singles or their album.

Indie Lion Records will offer worldwide distribution with iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Tidal, and Deezer.

In an interview Friday, Leesa said, " In owning a talent agency for 18 years, it just seemed the logical thing to create an independent record label," Leesa Robinson owns a film production company and a music management company as well.

Indie Lion Records will open its doors in New Orleans, LA, and Biloxi, MS.

Both locations will be seeking out new artists to sign under contract.

Leesa Robinson Agency has several artists signed and will sign existing talent under the label.

When asked about the Louisiana office, New Orleans executive producer, Kirk Johnathan said, " As an artist myself, I am excited.

Indie Lion Records will be the new spot for an ist right here in New Orleans, I am grateful for this opportunity as an executive producer because my music is my passion, so being close in the business is very exciting as I get to have fun every day,"

South Mississippi Fashion Week

PR-ID: 12531353

BAY ST LOUIS, Miss. - Feb. 6, 2016 - PRLog 

Fashion Week is coming to  South Mississippi, The Leesa Robinson Agency and Title Sponsor The Silver Slipper Casino and Hotel will be hosting this fabulous event in the style of Old Hollywood Noir.

This Red Carpet event is featuring local businesses in Bay St Louis and Waveland Mississippi to help promote the economy of South Mississippi. Famed Comedian Solo De Gemini will be Emcee for South Mississippi Fashion Week.

South Mississippi Fashion Week will be fundraising for The Boys and Girls Club of South Mississippi.

We have a donate button on our website as well as accepting donations at the event for The Boys and Girls Club.
Thursday's opening event includes a Black Tie Event. Several up and coming singers and bands will be featured at South Mississippi Fashion Week.

Local Boutiques will be the fashion for the Children's Showcase on Friday's schedule.

The Factory Connection will be supplying clothing for several shows on Saturdays schedule.

Summer wear shows will feature Ujena Bikinis and a Bridal Show.

Several local photographers will show up in true paparazzi style of Hollywood.


You may view our event and purchase tickets by visiting our website at

Leesa Robinson Agency Incorporated / GCTA Announce Aquisition

PR-ID: 12503159

BILOXI, Miss. - Oct. 18, 2015 - PRLog 

Leesa Robinson announces the acquisition of Gulf Coast Talent Agency, Leesa Robinson also owns MadMozart Productions.

Leesa says " We feel that
Hank Tanner with Gulf Coast Talent Agency  is the right choice for this merger and feel with this merger we offer the best in our field of expertise and plan to control the market in Bands, Musicians, and Songwriters."

Hank says: " LRA, MadMozart and GCTA, combined expertise works in harmony to form the perfect chord for Gulf coastal talent."


Agreement of merger dated 10/15/2015 Between Leesa Robinson Agency Incorporated in the State of Mississippi and Gulf Coast Talent Agency.

Leesa Robinson Agency is a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the State of Mississippi, having been incorporated in January 2009 as an LLC and Converted to a C Share Corporation in April 2015.


The principal office of the corporation in the State of Mississippi is located at 45 Hardy Court #236 Gulfport, Mississippi 39507, and its resident agent in charge is Leesa Robinson CEO/President.

The authorized capital stock of Leesa Robinson Agency consists of 1500 shares of the par value of $2500.00  per share, of which  30 shares are presently issued, 1470 shares are outstanding, 1000 shares are held in the treasury of Leesa Robinson Agency and 470  shares are issuable upon exercise of options granted under the restricted stock option plan of Leesa Robinson Agency. Section 79-4-8 - 70 of the Mississippi general corporation law confers upon Leesa Robinson Agency the power to merge with Gulf Coast Talent Agency, and section 79-4-11 - 02  of the law confers upon Leesa Robinson Agency the right to issue its own shares in exchange for shares of any corporation to be merged into Leesa Robinson Agency.

Gulf Coast Talent Agency will be incorporated and organized under the laws of the State of  Mississippi.

The principal office of the corporation in the State of Mississippi will be located at the Leesa Robinson Agencies primary offices, and its resident agent in charge is  Hank Tanner CEO/President in the State of Mississippi.


The principal place of business of Gulf Coast Talent Agency  is located at 45 Hardy Court #236 Gulfport, Mississippi, 39507.

Leesa Robinson Announces Opening of The Academy for Exceptional Talent

PR-ID: 12493294

ATLANTA - Sept. 15, 2015 - PRLog 

Leesa Robinson, Owner of The Leesa Robinson Agency and Mad Mozart Music Productions, announces the opening of The Academy of Exceptional Talent for models and actors in the Atlanta Market!  Leesa Robinson has been in the entertainment industry for over 30 years and opened the Leesa Robinson Agency for models and talent in 1999 and has since expanded into nine locations nationwide and one in Canada.

The Academy for exceptional talent will offer training semesters in every aspect of the modeling or acting fields. 

We offer scholarships to foreign exchange students from Japan, India and the United Kingdom at this time.

Leesa Robinson understands the complexities of visas and foreign affairs.

ACADEMYOFEXCEPTIONALTALENT.COM is the Academy's online presence.

Leesa Robinson Agency for Models and Talent, serving locations: Mid Atlantic, DMV, South, MS, LA, AL, TX, TN, GA and Mid West Albuquerque, NM.
Leesa Robinson Agency is established as C class Corporation in Mississippi.
Specializing in National Campaign work, local events including Modeling and Acting.


Top Agency Expanding to Atlanta

PR-ID: 12458794

ATLANTA - May 22, 2015 - PRLog 

One of the Nations's top Talent Agencies is coming to Atlanta! We are seeking Models ages 3 and up, Divisions include: Plus Size, Runway, Fitness, Petite, and Unique (piercings, tattoos) We are also seeking Actors, all ages!
Please visit our website to see the exciting changes within LRA!
Feel free to apply right on our site!

The Company was founded by, former model Leesa Robinson and was developed into a legitimate and professional talent agency, offering new and inexperienced models an opportunity to be seen by the agency and be promoted. In 1999, The Company expanded to international modeling, hired scouts, photographers, makeup artists, and stylists, each with a notable career developing, managing, and placing models within the agency..

Our agency guidelines are very strict. We require you to have headshots, a website, COMP cards, an orientation class, and other promotional tools at the expense of the talent. There are no administration fees.

LRA is happy to be expanding into the Atlanta Market with lots of Acting and Modeling jobs!


Leesa Robinson Agency Best Business Awards

PR-ID: 12350358

July 20, 2014 - PRLog 

Leesa Robinson Agency was nominated and received an award for Best Business Award for Modeling in New Orleans, LA.


Leesa Robinson Agency as an LLC is based out of New Orleans, LA Corporate office will be based in Houston, TX as of Fall 2014 and hold offices in MS, LA, AL, GA, TX, VA, and NM.

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